We are the co-hosts of the Here For The Truth Podcast in addition to having coached hundreds of clients individually to help them better know and understand themselves. We joined forces in 2021 to bring the truth to a wider audience.

We have been featured on podcasts such as Unslaved with Michael Tsarion, Truth Warrior with David Whitehead and the King Hero's Journey with Beth Martens.

We consider embodied knowledge as the foundation and groundwork for true lasting transformation and it is our intention to bring this knowledge to as many people who are willing to listen.


Here For The Truth is a podcast and educational platform dedicated to truth seekers world-wide.

Our intention is to provide you with resources dedicated to exploring the truth on topics such as self-knowledge, health, freedom, consciousness, esotericism, divination, natural law and much more.


Here For The Truth is dedicated to empowering truth seekers through the sharing, synthesizing and embodiment of knowledge.

Our goal is to provide them with the tools, resources and inspiration to be the best and most authentic version of themselves according to their highest values, based in the truth and grounded in reality.

The result will be that they will have the foundation and the confidence to rely on their own reason and discernment to navigate their lives on their terms so they will feel capable of living up to their potential.

Our mission is to uplift the individual, to re-awaken the inner hero within them and to remind them of what is possible when one chooses integrity over ignorance.

We are a platform dedicated to exalting the very best of the human spirit.

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