Here For The Truth

As I See It

As I see it things are changing. 

I don’t know exactly what it is and it’s hard to completely put my finger on it…but something has shifted.

When most of civilisation was rocked by the attempted global coup in 2020 under the guise of the “Coronavirus Pandemic” it marked a monumental turning point for humanity.

It was unsuspected and the attempt was far more forceful and sinister than even those most privy to global corruption would have anticipated.

Many people came to the stark realisation that these so called ‘elitists’  had actually even less consideration for human life than we had probably given them credit for.

The proverbial totalitarian tip-toe skipped five gears and became a totalitarian giant leap for these self-loathing, psychopathic tyrants.

What really happened though is that it forced individuals to make a choice. You either capitulated to a life that was no longer your own, or you stood firm…officially closing the gates on one timeline and started trying to figure out how the hell you were going to begin to unlock another.

You were forced to grow up, you were forced to become responsible and you were forced to decide what you actually wanted. For real.

The window of opportunity that opened in the subsequent years for those that consciously made decisions and actions rooted in truth and authentic self-expression had a gale force wind blowing through it.

To put that into perspective I was forced out of a family business in the construction sector and then become a Tarot Reader/Astrologer turned Podcaster and group coach Facilitator now addressing this letter to you.

Fifteen months ago I was looking for a job, any job…here is the proof…

…By the way in case you were wondering, my resume hasn’t changed.

As I see it, 2020 wasn’t a cataclysm but like I said…an opportunity.

I don’t know what’s going on in any kind of macrocosmic ether…however what I deeply sense as true is that we are living in a time where authenticity is being monumentally rewarded.

A ‘new world’ is being birthed out of the dying matter of an old one. We will continue to experience the symptoms of death and decay for a little while longer however my attention is firmly with the young shoots that are currently sprouting and require the love I will joyfully provide.

I have honoured and sincerely let depart in peace what once was, what once served me and what provided me invaluable wisdom to carry forth on my journey.

I know deep within my cells that the best is yet to come and that we are only on the brink of the beauty and bounteousness that is possible when integrity is prioritised over ignorance.

I am Here For The Truth, I am here to expand and outreach to new horizons of potential, I am here to tap into my deepest creative expression and I believe you are too… this is how I see it.

Wishing you authenticity. 

Joel Rafidi

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2 Responses

  1. I am so scared about what’s to come as more and more people wake up but I’m not going to let that fear control me and make me wanna hide. I’m going to embrace it and spread the word. Intend to stand my ground, this is my body and my life. Not their’s (governments).

  2. Thanks Joel..Going forward, enjoying your writings and podcasts with Yerasimos, am an Unslaved subscriber so have had great content to study along the journey.
    Also saw Michael Tsarion in 2011 at Bond Uni on Qld’s Gold Coast, and David Icke earlier the same year in Qld.
    Thanks again,
    Best wishes,
    Andrea Hapgood

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