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For nearly a decade, one of the most polarizing and emotionally charged topics within the truth and freedom communities has been the topic of the shape of the Earth.

Could the Earth be flat? Is the Earth definitely spherical? Is Flat Earth simply one huge program of psychological warfare? What are the psychological ramifications of the conclusions we reach about this subject and what are the various motivations driving our beliefs about it?

All these questions and more are answered as we discuss a topic that we believe holds greater significance and far wider reaching consequences than what may first be perceived simply on face value.

Episode 6 – David Whitehead | The Way of the Truth Warrior

Episode 58 – David Whitehead | The Canadian Update & Awakening the Hero Within

Episode 91 – David Whitehead | The Occult History of Royal Families

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2 Responses

  1. Could you please invite Eric Dubay for an episode once? You’d be suprised by what he has to say about this topic.

  2. Hi guys , great pod cast! from the science perspective if you want to find the ultimate modern day Nikola Tesla, as you say a person who stands on the shoulders of giants, i would say a giant who stands on the shoulders of giants, you have to research Ken Wheeler!! I’m so surprised he has not been discovered by more truth seekers! He is a Platonic philosopher, metaphysician, a translator of ancient languages. He has worked out what Magnetism is therefore worked out what gravity light and everything is. Walter Russel and Tesla were close , he has just used apophatic methodology and and proven with reason logic and experimentation using magets, the Ferrocell .. etc please please take your time in researching his countless videos on his you tube site under the name Theoria Apophasis … heres a link.. but please you need to watch quite a few so you can get used to his terminology and true understanding..

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