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Michael Tsarion is a name which requires no introduction on this platform.

On his third appearance we address questions such as:

What are archetypes?

What is the relationship between the ego and the unconscious?

How can mythology and symbolism guide us to a deeper understanding of self?

What impact did ancient cataclysms have on the psyche of man?

All this and more in an episode not to be missed.

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One Response

  1. As someone who holds Tsarion and his work in high esteem, and credits him for helping me get in touch with my Irish and Scottish heritage, I do find it quite silly for him to condemn the aspiration of shedding the ego, and then a few moments later speak on the archetypes of story showing the hero fading back into the oroborous …which in my way of thinking is two different ways of describing the same thing. It’s just that 90% of the practitioners of these ego-shedding Eastern practices (and the New Cage) don’t understand that this is a process that takes countless lifetimes to attain (80 something billion according to some writings), and most dissociate by “trying to be egoless” and thus cut themselves off from their current archetypal state of being.

    In the meantime, this is a process of integration, soul retrieval, reconnection to the archetypes as is discussed here, etc. Funny thing is that I would never, EVER, have even found Tsarion, or the roots to my Western ancestral lineage were it not for the guidance and help of my Dzogchen practice. And yes, this includes the mantra chanting, which if done, right… should be done with as much conscious awareness as possible. NOT as an act of auto-hypnosis, or for the purpose of escapism.

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