Here For The Truth


Nate Max has been a front line activist for over a decade speaking at all the major protests and events, interviewing many of the top names in the industry. He runs retreats, seminars, men circles, meditation / sound journeys, and has been in the natural health and wellness industry for 14 years helping people reach their highest potential. He loves surfing, free energy tech, living off grid and spending time with his beautiful dog.

In this episode Nate shares his incredible personal awakening story which began on the court steps with his barrister after continually finding himself in troublesome scenarios. Since then Nate has been diving to the depths of every rabbit hole he can find attempting to the pierce the veil as to what our reality actually entails.

We have a deep conversation about the current state of affairs and in the second half dive deep into the reality of free technology energy, how viable it is, what is actually available to us and what might be hidden from past human endeavors.

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