Here For The Truth


David Icke has been writing books for decades warning that current events were coming. He has faced ridicule and abuse for saying that the end of human freedom was being planned, how, and by whom.

His predictions over more than 30 years have been proved stunningly accurate since the turn of 2020 often down to the fine detail.

In this episode David shares the incredible series of events that led to his realisation of deeper purpose. We discuss what it truly means to be here for the truth, the motivation to persevere on the path of your highest calling, and why he believes individual sovereignty will continue to rise in the face of the global totalitarian agenda.

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One Response

  1. Спасибо за благоприятный отзыв.
    Это по правде говоря было когда-то развлечение объясняет это.
    Посмотрите сложный на далеко добавленный приятный от вас!
    Однако, как можем мы поддерживать связь?

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