Here For The Truth


Nellie Barnett is a multi-dimensional mother of two who has been working with, living by and sharing the knowledge of German New Medicine since early 2016. 

Nellie’s core values include freedom of choice and empowerment of the individual at the top of the list, along with a deep love for nature and a drive to experience as much adventure and joy in life as possible!

Her mission is to play a leading role in making the knowledge of GNM / GHK easily accessible to every individual, changing the paradigm for generations to come, and help people to understand and experience not only the health benefits of this new paradigm, but also the profound personal growth and evolution that it also invites.

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One Response

  1. I noticed she had to clear her throat when she was focused on speaking about fear… it was a great example of GNM, fear triggered her throat to react right there in the episode. (Near 36:00 min) This was such an enlightening conversation, thank you for sharing it.

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