Here For The Truth


Dani Katz is a lifelong learner with an unquenchable thirst for capital-T Truth. She pushes every possible edge to its outermost limit – both to transform and awaken her own consciousness, as well as to pave new pathways for the brave, bold badasses she guides, teaches and advises. Dani walks her talk, and leads by example, modeling the highs and lows of the transformational path with humor, heart and authenticity, utilizing her decades of devotion to her own healing, whole-ing and awakening to support her coaching + consulting clients.  

She is the author of the critically-acclaimed bestselling books, Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change, Pop Propaganda: An Illustrated Guide and The Language of Betterarchy: A Blueprint for Uniting against Tyranny. 

Topics Include: 

– How language is used to construct our reality 

– The weaponization of language 

– The self-imposed limits we place on ourselves through labels 

– Stepping into true embodied reality creation and more

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