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In this episode Michael Tsarion returns to discuss the history and roots of anti-semitism and whether Jews are at the root of a world super conspiracy as Michael shares his perspectives and his research into the history of this highly polarizing topic. 

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9 Responses

  1. As I agree with most of what is being spoken of here I do have to take pause with certain parts. As a 18 year listener of Tsarion I had a feeling of where this conversation was going. I have always agreed with 95% of his findings and this is the same case here. I was glad that the topic is being brought up about the left or communist movement in the U.S. and other regions. However this small minority that is being portrayed as the majority do not speak for the majority. Those who want to see resolution when it comes to Gaza and the West Bank do so because of a human cause not a political one. The Atonist (or what subtitle they may go by) have there tentacles in everything and every religion. Not every jew is zionist and not every zionist is jew. Likewise not every citizen of Gaza or the West Bank are radical islam. The government of Israel may not be communist but they do act as a totalitarian state. They do dictate all power and supplies in and out of the territory along with who goes in and who comes out. I was glad to hear Miko Peled brought up. To make the argument that those in the region of Palestine have had nothing and even if they were thriving before it is because of the acquisition and taxation of others is weak. I would say that the state of Israel would be nothing if it were not financed by the U.S. since 1971 and the Zionist peddle pushers before that. I always said that the Zionist would lead the jews to Israel and cause the death of many. And to say that the land that was acquired by Israel was bought and paid for. Bought and paid for by who exactly. You could say land that was acquired by imminent domain was bought and paid for but it does not make it right. As for everything else discussed, spot on. I have seen you guys here and there but I will be paying more attention from now on. As for Michael, always a pleasure.

    1. Very well said, and we share similar thoughts.

      Appreciate you listening and hope you find more enjoyable episodes here,

      – Joel

  2. These fukkrs r jew apologists. Tell me something good a jew has done for yall. Now let me list how jewz have screwed us over. ‘Never trust a jew.’ ~ N. Tesla.
    Gotta love the Torah:
    “All children of Goyim are animals.” – Yebamoth 98-A – Part 3: 16 “Even the best of Goyim should all be killed.” – Soferim 15 17 “It’s permitted to take the body & the life of a goy.” – Sepher ikkarim III c 25 18 “It’s the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah.” – Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 19 “A goy you may kill outright with your own hands.” – Abodah Zara, 4b 20 “If a jew kills a goy he is NOT responsible.” – Tosefta. Aboda 8, 5. 21 “When a jew murders a goy, there will be no penalty.” – Sanhedrin 57a. 22 “Every jew who spills the blood of the goy is making a sacrifice to goD.” – Bammidber Raba c21.
    Get yer game faces on… Or get outta fkkn way.

    1. Your delivery here doesn’t inspire much intellectual consideration. The quotes you’re using aren’t from the Torah to my knowledge, but the Talmud, the authenticity of which has been called into question as being a secret project of Masonic groups seeking to sow confusion and redirect attention elsewhere

  3. Great interview with michael, cant say i agree with his viewpoints amd research but came across as a jew apologist, i noticed his emotions ( angrily) when talking about the Palestinians and mentioning the ira, the utter contempt he had, ireland= ira, palestine= hamas, freedom fighters whatever way 1 looks at it, maybe michael wasnt to impartial you will find people of a loyalist background from n.ireland is sympathetic to israel as opposed to a person from a nationalist background sympathetic to palestine, you can work out michaels background in my opinion anyhow, interesting all the same

  4. The Jews are pretty open about what they are doing. It’s not a ‘conspiracy’.

    The words ‘chosen’ and ‘goyim’ pretty much sum it all up. Their ‘religion’ is really just a pact with the demiurge. The covenant which promises them ‘…the houses you did not build, wells you did not dig and vineyards you did not plant…’ i.e. slaves.
    The Shema Yisrael. Deuteronomy chapter 6.

    Listen to Ben Shapiro or Benjamin Netanyahu (real name Benzion Mileikowsky) talk for a few mins. They have free reign. Watch the Americans grovel before them.

    These people have been accused of the same atrocities for millennia; which they still engage in today. They don’t even hide it.

    They are literally committing genocide as I type this with almost universal approval of world governments.

    Tsarion talks of the parasitic nature of Islamic nations…
    Israel is entirely funded by Western nations esp. the USA.
    Name a single Islamic nation that is comparable in amount of foreign aid!

    This so called ‘Islamo-communism’ is a non-entity compared to political Zionism.
    The Jews fucking created communism!

    You want to talk about ‘Atonists’ – well who were the people who came out of Egypt who worship the Tetra-gramm-ATON?

    This is not to indict all Jews, but where would all this be without Jews?

    This interview seems ridiculously incomplete and heavily biased. I would certainly like to see how Michael would respond the the points made above.

  5. Apparently people don’t understand that anyone who speaks either Hebrew or Arabic are considered Semitic it’s not a way to exclusively identify someone who speaks Hebrew. In reality it doesn’t even mean someone who is Jewish. People need to quit abusing the word anti-semtitism as if it’s only the Jewish people who are being victimized. It’s no different than when someone abuses the word racist or Nazi. But in this case they are using the term excursively to represent the discrimination of or hate for Jewish people.

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