Here For The Truth


Ihsan Abbas is a devoted student and teacher of the Great Mystery. 

He guides seekers on the path of self mastery to return home to themselves. His teachings utilize various modalities and frameworks he has acquired throughout his own journey of expansion. 

In this episode, we discuss our individual journeys and processes in integrating what is unfolding in the Middle East, given the context of our unique cultural backgrounds and personal views of the greater reality.

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3 Responses

  1. Hello, I listened with great interest to this episode. I am especially aligned with the spiritual point of view expressed here. I am also Canadian living in Costa Rica and would very much like to meet with Ishan to express my gratitude I find very few people witt whom I can have a deep conversation from a spiritual point of view. I wonder where he is in CR so perhaps I could arrange a visit.

  2. Hello Gentlemen, listening with great interest! My life is a mess, I suffer with an addictive personality and have spent my entire life battling against the horrors of it all. I am aware, awake and a pure blood. I really need some help though, I am on a disability pension but I hope I can do the course somehow, warm regards, Karen

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