Here For The Truth


Ian Spellman is a professional educator currently building on 8 years of full time experience to bring what he has learned in traditional classrooms to the growing multitudes of folks who are in the process of decoupling themselves from formal educational institutions.

Many freedom-oriented parents have begun questioning the benefits of enrolling their kids in public and even private schools in the wake of scamdemic lockdowns along with the wholesale takeover of academia by radical ideologies hell-bent on warping the minds of children and young adults into as anti-natural a state as possible. In a society where most schools now seem to have a net-negative psychological impact on developing minds, how do we as parents and teachers respond? 

Please enjoy this episode.

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2 Responses

    1. Absolutely. They will be covered when I eventually get to a module where they’re relevant (probably couched in a unit on human health and bioenergy). Stay tuned.

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