Here For The Truth


In this special episode we are joined by two legendary truth warriors and two of our most frequented and popular guests who meet for the first time during the recording of this episode. 

We discuss the nature of what it means to be a Truth Warrior and what qualities we should seek to embody as we pay homage to the giants of the past who paved the way and whose shoulders we now stand upon. 

In the second half of the episode we have a balanced debate about whether Donald Trump is a friend or foe, whether his actions and words should be taken at face value or if there is more to consider than what may first appear to be the case.

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2 Responses

  1. Amazing!! Couldn’t wait to hear this episode & it did not disappoint!! David Whitehead has such a great way of expressing his optimistic hope that makes it hard for a glass half full person not to get excited to hear! Gavin’s skeptics keeps me grounded & I enjoyed hearing both perspectives & the way they delivered the messages as a take it or leave it & no one is triggered. Just the best perspective of all in agreement to shoot the dragon of lies & fight for the truth!

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