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Dale is an Australian speaker and co-host of the Sky to Earth Conference that has been driven to make his voice public after years of studying the global cult and their agenda. 

Dale worked as a teacher in both Australia and abroad, specialising in working with disadvantaged and disengaged youth. This role guided his passion towards advocating for children and exposing the systems, people and dark forces that have failed them. His motivation to speak publicly was based on Natural Lore principles and honouring the missing component ‘Action.’ What knowledge we obtain and wisdom we have, we must share. Dale has focused on understanding evil and wanting to know the core genesis of this evil. The pursuit of understanding evil has led Dale to the polarity of love through asking the big questions. Who are we? What are we doing here? What is this reality? Where are we going? 

Topics Discussed in this podcast include: Synthetic vs Organic Reality, AI, Behaviour Predictability and the Transhumanist Agenda, Energy Harvesting, Simulation Theory, Dark and Light Energy, Human Potential and more.

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One Response

  1. When you sense a connection between your internal and external perception / conversation -it creates a “bio “ logic , a twinning of a perception which is a base line pattern , which the biological system can easily trust that it is another biological organism . Face page has this built into their scroll – there is a pattern matching of images and or ideas in the scroll structure – if it were not done , the random effect would give the bilogical brain the advantage over the machine organizing . When a rose bush touches your ear – when out hanging laundry – we usually do not see this as a message from the universe , but when your favorite rose comes up on the Facebook feed , one is very willing to bow down to the idol / the gos of all knowing , because it is a trap of desire to have this “god” thing held in our hand , rather then waiting for it in a state of empty belief . According to Allan savory , man has three things : fire , tech , and belief . I love his genius and thought “ the problem is when tech takes up the space where belief is supposed to have room to dance . Enjoying this conversation / the emperors of stream / the talking busts , keep pontificating … we will get there !

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