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Max Lowen is a global citizen having grown up in various countries and is trilingual in Italian, Spanish and English. She is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, torture and trafficking who went on to do her healing work and train in trauma and recovery to help other survivors and those trapped in the cycle of violence. 

In this episode, Max recounts the horrific experiences she faced during the early part of her life and how she found resilience over decades. Despite enduring unimaginable darkness, her story is ultimately one of hope and strength. Join us as we listen to her inspiring journey of overcoming adversity and reclaiming her life.

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5 Responses

  1. Wow! What an illuminating conversation, glad I found this. I have heard the accounts of other SRA victims and how they used their experiences to raise themselves up to become the beacons of light that can penetrate through the darkest most dense of energies. Truly an eye opening and inspiring 2 hours well spent. Keep up the great work you guys are doing!

  2. To hear first hand validation of satanic corruption in the Vatican, the hierarchy of leaders and politicians, royal family etc, is so disturbing. I wanted you to ask, where do they get the babies and people they sacrifice, blow up, kill! Is she in danger for revealing this group? Is there any chance to stop these horrible cults? I felt myself wanting to run towards her and help her mission! She was an amazing interview, very powerful, very inspiring.

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