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Carey Wedler is a content creator who focuses on breaking through authoritarian programming to promote peace, freedom, decentralization, and the evolution of consciousness. She previously worked as a journalist and editor-in-chief for the now-banned Anti-Media, an independent news organization. She takes special interest in the intersection of spirituality, self-ownership internally and externally, and voluntaryism as a path forward for humanity.

In this episode we dive into Carey’s personal story, constitutionalism, voluntaryism, the election cycle, the need for emotional regulation, where humanity goes from here and more.

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2 Responses

  1. I haven’t voted for decades, cos no faith in the whole voting political game. But this year, in my country, we have a new ‘movement’ rather than a party, called the Organic Humanity Movement, the founder of which, is a young woman with an amazing vision. She managed to get onto the ballot for our elections next month, and I will be voting for OHM, in the hope of them getting at least one seat in parliament (hopefully more), which will make things extremely interesting to follow into the future. I love her courage and ideas~~

  2. Just to add, this young woman is living in a way that is a huge example for others to be inspired by, and her ideas involve self-governance, in a nutshell.

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