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In this thought-provoking episode, we welcome David Whitehead to explore the intriguing trend of modern individuals reverting to fundamental Christianity. 

Together, we delve into why many seem to find solace in the certainties provided by traditional religious doctrines, viewing this as a way to shy away from life’s mysteries and uncertainties, and possibly as a means to abdicate personal responsibility.

Some of the topics discussed include:

The Allure of Fundamentalism:

  • The psychological comfort of black-and-white thinking.
  • Fundamentalism as a retreat from the complexities and anxieties of modern life.

Esoteric Christianity and Astrotheology:

  • Unpacking the lesser-known aspects of Christianity that align with mystical and astrological interpretations.
  • Discussion on astrotheological references throughout the Bible.
  • Exploring the portrayal of Jesus as a solar deity.

Historical Context and Biblical Edits:

  • The significant modifications the Bible has undergone over centuries.
  • How far modern texts may have diverged from what might have originally been teachings rooted in ancient Egyptian philosophy.

Psychology of the Religious Mind:

  • The mental and emotional frameworks that govern the religious mindset.
  • Consequences of dogmatic beliefs on personal growth, including the proliferation of shame, guilt, and a dampening of inspiration and creativity.

This discussion leads to the potential pathways for individuals entrenched in fundamentalist beliefs to embrace a more nuanced understanding of spirituality. By revisiting and reinterpreting ancient wisdom, there might be a way to infuse life with greater creativity and inspiration.

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5 Responses

  1. Hi and big thanks for this awesome talk. I am in wholehearted agreement and especially regards Joel’s words about the cult of all cults that people have walked through the door into. Yes, the Abrahamic/Gnostic mind set that considers this world as fallen, broken, a prison for the soul, is the virus that’s replicating, doing untold damage. Agree, it’s all the self hate, low self esteem that must be faced and addressed in order to return to the truth of oneself and to heal.
    I have Tsarions Astro-Theology book, will revisit it again after this episode. It played a critical role in my own journey of putting life back together after the train wreck of a childhood marinated in evangelical fire and brimstone, fear of hell, fear of not being saved, and on and on go the crimes of this syndicate called christianity.

    In appreciation for all you have done and continue doing, in alignment with “never leaving consciousness at the door.” ~ Mtsar

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode with some amazing discussions and topics that have interested me for a very long time.
    There was mention of Michael Tsarion’s book , as well as a couple of others. Any chance you are able to post them in your reply? I’d love to look for them a d start reading.

    1. Michael’s book is “Astro-Theology and Sidereal Mythology.” As of the other books, I can’t recollect all of them, but one of them was likely Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s “The Lost Light: An Interpretation of Ancient Scriptures.” David did multiple premium presentations on these subjects on his channel that I recommend checking out.

  3. This was such a beautiful conversation. I feel more connected to myself and God after listening. Thank youπŸ™πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ”₯

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