Here For The Truth


Join us as we dive deep into the mysteries of ancient civilizations with renowned author and researcher Matt LaCroix. 

In this episode, Matt shares his groundbreaking insights on the Ararat civilization, uncovering hidden histories and challenging mainstream narratives. We explore the profound influence of ancient knowledge on modern society and discuss the connections between mythological tales and historical evidence. Delve into fascinating topics such as Sirius Kanis, the enigmatic Nommo, and prehistory. 

We also discuss the wisdom of the ancients, the controversial Rockefeller doctrine of history, and the sad history of St. Patrick’s Day. Matt shares his insights on consciousness and the blueprints for divinity left by ancient cultures. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a truth seeker, this episode promises to enlighten and inspire anyone seeking deeper understanding and new perspectives on our past.

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2 Responses

  1. Stunning work, all of you. I can’t recommend this or understate the importance of it all. The 3 points of my being body, mind and soul are in the place, the same place as you are all. The here and now, that is all that ever was, that unfolds our future. Beautiful

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