Here For The Truth


Delve into the extraordinary journey of Mike Wilkerson, known as Stellium7. From being the first person jailed for computer trespass to exploring ancient history, biogeology, and unconventional theories, Mike’s story is one of curiosity, rebellion, and paradigm-challenging discoveries. Explore his unique theories that many rocks and large geological formations are actually petrified remains of ancient gigantic creatures and biological parts from the past.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Journey from Hacking to Geology
  • Exploring Ancient History and Unconventional Theories
  • Importance of Intellectual Honesty 
  • Petrification and Biogeology
  • Investigating Geological and Biological Anomalies
  • Paco’s Revolutionary Heart Discovery

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3 Responses

  1. I have to say: Mike presents a LOT to ponder…and to observe ongoing. I do very much appreciate that he says “I don’t know” when he doesn’t (and CAN’T, just like all of us)!

  2. You guys should invite Eric Dubay to come over for an episode, it would be a great talk. 🙂

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