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The New War & The New Human

We are evolving backwards from being literary cultivators of knowledge and have entered the age of informational hunter-gatherers. -The Shallows

The Modern Mind of Men does not recognize the crucial changes unfolding within itself. Nostalgia for the past is a popular retreat for those who break free from popular culture. This critical pitfall in modern politics eclipses the underlying reality which the Media Complex seeks to distort, recreate and sell back to us.

The social convention of the 1950s is not the solution to the issue of today’s decay. The Decline of the West unfolded through a multi-generational timeline which eludes the superficial sensibilities of the Modern Mind.

The world of material prosperity, strong currency and solid family units ended several decades ago. The Media bemoans the death of the Old World while it insidiously introduces us to the Brave New World.

The ideology with the most likes, followers and subscribers typically do not inform the public of the wider context, its implications and the origins of current events. The most popular ideas, personas and communities get the most attention in our populist dialectic. This dialectic does not lend itself to transcending the media-narrative, but simply re-affirms the subversive nature of Modern Media. Meanwhile, their media operatives bemoan the risks of a free-market, hyperventilate on non-issues and unquestionably report the government narrative.

The mapping of reality is purposely obfuscated, censored and controlled by a select few corporations with political power to supersede public consensus. Ideas consistent with reality are obfuscated by propagandists, censored by sophisticated algorithms and sidelined by social media influencers. “Biden has increasingly sought online creators to sell major policy initiatives,” reports the Washington post.

This surreal blend of fictions & factions is like a bottomless black hole that sucks people into perpetual conflict which ultimately synthesizes a new dialectic under the technotronic paradigm. We are gaslighted into division by contrived racial issues, half-truths and purposefully deceitful narratives. We are conditioned by the “Current Thing” in real time, whether we are in support or in opposition is not the most significant aspect.

Neither camp considers the philosophical implications or the psychological conditioning effect of the Media Matrix. We typically acknowledge the explicit benefits of technology such as the convenience, comfort and its growing complexity –however rarely do we consider its ulterior motives. Rarely, do we acknowledge the most significant aspect of Media: It changes the way we process information, how we engage with reality:

In the book, “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains” –author Nicholas Carr details Nietzsche’s change of writing style after using a typewriter.

“But the device had a subtler effect on his work. One of Nietzche’s closest friends, the writer and composer Heinrich Koselitz, noticed a change in the style of his writing. Nietzsche’s prose had become tighter, more telegraphic. There was a new forcefulness to it, too, as though the machine’s power —its “iron” —was, through some mysterious metaphysical mechanism, being transferred into the words it pressed into the page.”

— Nicholas Carr

Our thinking about the world, our future and our relation to each other has dramatically changed. As I contextualized in my three-part series, the philosophic & historical precedent of the Zeitgeist lays out a materialist dialectic which corrupts & overrides the metaphysical complexities of humanity.

To what extent is the shadow-play of competing narratives blurring consensus reality?

What is the critical difference between internalizing a narrative and aligning the mind with objective reality? At what point does the lie outweigh the social validation gained from participating in elaborate swindles?

The mythologizing of current events, tragedies and political figureheads entrains the physical body into ideologically approved avenues of expression. The popularization of Dark Triad personas through pop-culture beguile people into adopting live-fast lifestyles as a simulacrum of ritual exaltation. The images presented in the media are purposeful in that they are orchestrated to create a reaction –from which to recreate social convention.

Technology is an expression of cultural conventions and ultimately a metaphysical extension of Man’s capacity for civilization. The Media Complex (corporate & alternative) does not exist in a vacuum but is ultimately a part of a continuum of ideas. Society moves on to the next narrative without reflecting on the “current thing,” meanwhile the zeitgeist of technocracy continues unchecked.

The Death of the Old World

The world of the past is often mythologized by historically disconnected individuals in a romantic sense in which the highest ideal are traditional values. The modes of life from the past as we see them today do not truly encapsulate their true essence.

We are entering a new cultural terrain unlike anything in recorded history. Society is being conditioned in real time to accept an anti-human paradigm.

The Brave New World

The technocrats will infuse trillions of dollars into the global economy to build the infrastructure of the post-human paradigm. The New World will be based on Zero Carbon, Zero Covid and Zero Trust — managed & modeled by Artificial Intelligence. As the nucleus of power remains in the hands of the Super-class — those on the periphery will be outright bought out to build up this brave new world.

Those who remain in opposition to the tides of corruption must come to terms with the realization that our struggle is a Never Ending War Against the Modern World. We must come to terms with the conditioning effects of the battlefield.

The Battlefield

“After three thousand years of explosion, by means of fragmentary and mechanical technologies, the Western world is imploding. During the mechanical ages we had extended our bodies in space. Today, after more than a century of electric technology, we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned.”

— Marshall Mcluhan

Regardless of the content or positive messages found in the Media-Complex it does not invalidate the underlying effect it has in our physiology. The disbelief in the deeper aspects of reality is a crucial component of the matrix of control.

To acknowledge this subtle reality offers us a key to dispelling the Magic of Media. Disregarding this occult aspect of the proverbial battlefield will devolve any meaningful resolve to transcend the Zeitgeist.


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