Here For The Truth


Know your value

The difference between me and most people is that I know my worth.

I know the value I offer.

I know what I want and I am willing to move heaven and earth to get it without ever breaching the freedom, truth and integrity of myself or anyone else.

I’m not competing because there is not a single soul on this planet who can do what I do.

I am in my own lane…I traverse my own path.

I understand how the inverted control systems on this planet manipulate the masses into weakness and compliance.

I’m not interested in playing small.

I’m not here for a life half lived.

My dreams and desires matter to me.

My creative potential in this lifetime will not go wasted.

I’m here for impact, and I’m not in a rush either.

I slowly and steadily create unrelenting forces of value.

I am only ever winning or learning.

There’s enough passivity on this planet.

Enough conformity.

Enough wasted potential.

Fuck that shit.

I’m here for the truth.

I rise above the herd.

We are programmed to be scared of greatness…

This Michelangelo quote is a real & valid fear of all psychologically healthy individuals. 

We live in a society that has no value for true achievement. 

We hate the winners.

We think all billionaires got there through corruption. 

We consider capitalism a dirty word. 

We believe the great ones in any arena got lucky or had a helping hand. 

We love Robin Hood yet can’t stand the wealthy that he robs. 

We’ve abandoned our own capacity to be great…


Because we’re afraid to stand out…we’re afraid that if we shine too bright we too will be shot down…

We’re scared of embodying the hero because we all know sooner or later all heroes become villains… 

But that’s because the crowd is sick. 

That’s because most people have given up what it means to be great. 

They’ve succumbed to a secondary life. 

They live in quiet desperation of the creative potential they’ve allowed to go stagnant. 

To me that is the saddest and scariest thing in the world. 

Please don’t let your life and potential go to waste. 

Reclaim your power…

What excites me more than anything else is helping individuals tap into and reclaim their power so they can bring forth their unique gifts in this lifetime, create real value and live a badass authentic life. 

This is why we created Rise Above The Herd, and in reality it’s actually so much more than that. Our students get 3 Head Coaches fully invested in their evolutionary process. 

I could speak about it all day because it is insane value but ultimately you either feel called or you don’t…

What I can tell you is that the program changes lives, it gets better every round and the investment has actually been reduced by $700 USD since the last two rounds…

Also, as a gift for reading this far I’d like to offer you an additional $50 off. Discount code: RATH50

There are still a few early signup bonus 1 on 1 Human Design Readings with Yerasimos available too. These will likely sell out this week. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for being here for the truth. 

Joel Rafidi

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