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Real vs Faux Awakenings

Do you think you’re here to awaken to something beyond reality, beyond yourself?

If so…this may be a call to think again.

What does it mean to become more conscious if not more conscious to the facts of reality itself?

‘Truth Seekers’ are so eager to look ‘beyond the veil’ to discover meaning and cultivate purpose in their lives. To garner the feeling that they know something the masses do not, that they have experienced some kind of Samadhi, that they are transitioning through dimensions, or that they are communicating with angels or Gods or aliens or any of the endless emanations of what the eminent researcher and writer Michael Tsarion refers to as ‘Mysteria.’

In their search for the unknowable or for the next ‘peak experience’ – what is the state of the actual reality they’re living in mirroring back to them?

What does the constant search for beyond mean for their psychological attitude towards the real world, the one they live in?

Often you will find that it is one of disdain. Perhaps not so obviously on a surface level, however if one is to discover the root cause of the desire to ‘transcend the self’ they would find it’s because one has accumulated quite a lowly view of the Self.

This phenomena is nothing new, however the implications of its adoption are just as vile.

The masses have been programmed and conditioned with the ideology that we exist in a fallen realm, that the body is inherently dirty and that they are guilty (without proof) simply for the fact that they exist.

This conditioning spans across a multitude of cultures and is embedded inter-generationally within the collective unconscious.

It is not just seen in current New Age ideologies born out of the migration of Eastern Mysticism to Western shores through the self-immolating notion of Asceticism, which is the idea that one must starve and denigrate the body in order to achieve a spiritual experience i.e celibacy, extreme fasting rituals, heavy body-piercing and tattooing etc. It is also obviously rampant throughout the Christian tradition as well in examples such as the ‘born sinner’ paradigm with its roots in Gnosticism. 

So what is Gnosticism anyway?

While that is a complex subject to divulge in any great detail here, as touched upon earlier Gnosticism boils down to the ideology that Earth is a fallen realm and the Self is a denigrated incarnation — both which need desperately to be escaped from.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” exclaimed the 19th century naturalist, poet and author Henry David Thoreau…yes indeed they do, and I wonder why?

Unconsciously the masses lead their lives with this ideology having taken root and festering at the base of their psyches.

Incapable of escaping from the feelings of guilt and unable to muster the courage and strength to build themselves up out of mediocrity they turn to self-sacrifice to provide the answers.

“Life has nothing meaningful to offer me” or “I’m only here atone for my sins,” they might exclaim.

They give up life on earth in exchange for an unknowable afterlife. Their only purpose in living becomes to live a life of sacrifice for the next one, if there is such a thing. 

Since 2020 there has been an apparent stark increase in awareness of global tyranny and totalitarianism. As a result church attendance has skyrocketed…in my view this supports the notion that there is no ‘mass awakening’ in the true sense.

Realising the current regime does not serve as an ideal authority, they turn from the material tyrant to the spiritual one.

It would seem the troves of new people waking up to government corruption believe running to religion is somehow anti-establishment, not yet realising they are simply being flung between the two giant pillars keeping them enslaved from any glimpse of real freedom…the church and the state.

While they may have perceived glimpses of government tyranny, the criminality of big pharma and the corruption of Hollywood, to me this does not constitute an awakening in the real sense.

“When self-deception ends, man will know Truth, not before. And one cannot end self-deception until they are able to look deeply into their own Being to review their ideas of reality.”

— Michael Tsarion

The majority remain asleep to their own inauthenticity and simply project their own shadows onto the breaches that have taken place outside of them — ultimately that is the nature of the activist.

A true awakening is the awakening of the individual from the crowd. It is the reclamation of the Self and entering into deep communion with the essence of who one really is.

It is the recognition of one’s own darkness and inauthenticity…it is doing all one can to come into congruence and integrity with the Self.

By the very nature of this kind of awakening there can not be a ‘mass awakening.’

There are a very limited number of people who will strive daily to grow in consciousness and authenticity and be willing to stand alone against the crowd whether it’s mainstream culture or the ‘truth community.’

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, awaken all of yourself.”

— Lao Tzu

To conclude, my thoughts are simple…become incredibly intimate with the facts of your inner and outer reality.

Take off the rose coloured glasses and choose to see and feel the immensity of your life for what it is.

Whether there is deep pain, or shame (which is a symptom of inauthenticity), it is only in becoming friendly with what is actually there that we can begin to make any conscious effort to enact positive transformation in our lives…if that’s what we want.

Before you seek answers “beyond,” see if you can develop the competence and capacity to answer for your own existence…the one you’re experiencing right now.

Joel Rafidi

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