Here For The Truth


In this particular episode long-time podcast listener and Rise Above The Herd member Zahra Holding joins us for a special conversation on seeking truth, owning who we are and rising above the herd. 

Zahra has dedicated the last 12 years to the art of mothering. In this time she has birthed, nurtured and mentored 6 free and flourishing souls. She sees herself as the constant gardener, tending to the rich and fertile soil that are her children’s minds and creating space for them to grow into their full potential. 

This journey of motherhood has revealed to her the immense courage it takes to live a life of simplicity and authenticity. Zahra is deeply passionate about re-awakening the reverence of motherhood, for all life begins in the womb, and all souls are raised in a home. A mother’s work is the highest work, and Zahra hopes her embodiment of this will serve as homage to the sacred and necessary task of creating and nurturing life.

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