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Making Money: A Great Virtue Not To Be Ignored

Atlas Shrugged: A Dialogue

Let’s start with an excerpt from Ayn Rand’s Magnus Opus – Atlas Shrugged.

This is a dialogue between Francisco D’Anconia (a high value, high self-esteem, productive capitalist) and Jim Taggart (an altruistic socialist who can’t stand true productive prowess).

Francisco starts:

“When I die, I hope to go to heaven–whatever the hell that is– and I want to be able to afford the price of admission.”

“Virtue is the price of admission,”Jim said haughtily.

“That’s what I mean, James. So I want to be prepared to claim the greatest virtue of all–that I was a man who made money.”

Breaking It Down

Most people, upon reading this dialogue, would immediately scoff at and unconsciously reject the notion that making money can be considered a great virtue.

But this is the exact reason why I don’t want to be like most people, and I don’t believe you should want that either.

So let’s dig in a little deeper…

Putting aside the corrupt banking cartels, the Federal Reserve, and money being printed out of thin air… money is simply a symbol of energy exchanged.

It represents the human effort that was required for it to be held and owned.

Units of money are units of choices.

The greater one’s ability to produce, the greater number of choices one ultimately claims.

So money requires human production… but what does human production require?

It requires one to be able to think.

The human mind, human ingenuity, and the creative genius we all possess… this is what is at the root of money.

Not so evil after all, really…

The ability to make money is absolutely a great virtue, as it is what drives us to bring forth the best of our creative power into manifest reality.

As a collective, we have been so deeply conditioned to reject money in a myriad of ways that play out in our lives on a subconscious level.

Whether it’s through Hollywood constantly propping up the rich as evil and the poor as moral, or through religious altruistic programming, or through the absurd notion that capitalism is what has led to the corrupt world we see around us (not going to go into the through about capitalism here).

Most people will live out their entire lives never questioning this belief.

A Personal Passion of Mine

Helping individuals to decondition from this programming, which keeps them in a state of stagnancy and depletion, is a primary passion of mine. Watching them go on to thrive and welcome the creation of true value….that is straight excitement.

Not coincidentally, a brief excerpt of my Human Design Life Theme (14) reads, “We may be spiritual beings, but we came here to enjoy and master the physical plane. You are here to help us with that. Helping yourself and others make money is a very natural skill to you…. don’t ever judge your fascination to make money or success as ‘bad’ – it creates security which is one of the basic conditions needed for human beings to feel good.”

We dedicate a whole week to money reprogramming within our program Rise Above The Herd for this very reason… and with potent results, as you can easily read in testimonial form from close to 100 graduates thus far.

Thanks for reading!

You can learn about the program and join the next round which starts on March 26th here at this link.

Wishing you power, prosperity, and self-esteem,

Joel Rafidi

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